Enjoy the beauty of a rural vacation in Amiad with 27 spacious and comfortable rooms overlooking the vast and enchanting landscape of the Galilee. Each of our rooms is fully accessorized to ensure that your vacation will be perfect, including shower and restroom, refrigerator, TV, air conditioning and a coffee area.

Although it is highly recommended to get away from your phones and emails during a vacation in the north, we know that it is important for you to stay updated and therefore the resort offers free Wi-Fi service for guests throughout the compound.

Your experience extends to the beautiful natural areas surrounding the rooms, with green lawns, trees, pastoral paths and the unique kibbutz atmosphere of the Upper Galilee.

A good morning starts with a great meal, and after a walk you also feel hungry for something delicious. Yoffee Toffee, the kibbutz restaurant, offers resort guests three meals a day which can also be ordered to go (for groups). The swimming pool, recently renovated and open for the resort guests, is just a short walk from the rooms.